March 4, 2023

Life Investment

What do you want out of life? Have you ever asked anyone or yourself this question? If you haven’t asked yourself this you should pause and take a moment to do so.

The most common responses to this question involves three things: health, family, and travel.  Oh, but what about money, you may ask? Most of us know it’s not money that we love but it’s the financial freedom that it brings us.  The fact that we work hard is not for money but, for the value in life it can add. The importance of this value varies from one individual to another.  It’s amazing how much time we put into improving or maintaining our social and economical status of life. We all want the best for our families and let’s face it no one wants to end up on the streets.

Think about this for a moment, shouldn’t the effort you put into making money (improving or maintaining level of lifestyle) be the same as the effort you put into your health.  A great number of people fail to see the value of working to improve their health until it is too late or they are faced with the reality of physical illness. No one wants physical illness just like no one wants to end up living on the streets.  Bottom line is being physically fit improves and adds value to your life.

Most Americans treat fitness like a test that they procrastinate on studying for. Meaning they only take the time and effort to improve their level of fitness when they are faced with the fact that their life may end because it.  This also holds true for those who only care to look their best for curtain events or for spring and summer seasons and these individuals are usually looking for the quick fix. The main problem with this behavior is that this population is only concerned about the cosmetics of fitness and not the true benefit or value of it. The true benefit and value of being physically fit is being able to run when you need to, pick up your child without back pain, climb a flight of stairs and not being winded, having the health to travel once retired and being around to see your grandchildren turn into adults. And yes looking good is a great-added benefit, but we must not forget looking good doesn’t help you live longer. It’s the healthy lifestyle behind it that does.

So, if you haven’t started investing there’s no better time like the present.  Just like your savings, start building and maintaining your health account today and life will be much more pleasant in the future.

Categories: Fitness, Fitness Tips


Categories: Fitness, Fitness Tips

by fandftally


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