Move with freedom

It’s never too late to start your fitness journey

Move with freedom

It’s never too late to start your fitness journey

Be Fit. Feel Good. Live Well.

Be Fit. Feel Good. Live Well.

Fitness that Feels Good

At Fit & Functional, we believe you deserve to enjoy your daily life, feeling strong and pain-free—no matter your age or physical limitations. That’s why every training plan we create is comprehensive, progressive, and personalized for you.


A Space Where You Belong

We believe you deserve to enjoy life feeling strong and pain-free, no matter what your physical limitations are! That’s why every training plan is personalized for you. Finding your strength doesn’t have to hurt. In fact, getting fit should feel good and make your everyday life feel better, too!

Strength & Conditioning

We have strength and conditioning programs for everyone. Work out with a trainer, in a group, or online whether you’re a beginner or have specific fitness goals.

Personal Training



get stronger together

Post Rehab

Decrease your Limitations


Active Aging

Recovery for Every Body

We are Tallahassee’s restorative center for injury prevention and athletic performance no matter your age or activity level.  Through personalized  and structured  programming, we keep your body moving and lead you back to health. We help anyone dealing with muscle tightness, sports injury, back pain or even just recover from a tough workout. We are here to help you recover and give you the performance edge!

Results You Can Feel

Whatever your goals are, we can help you achieve results. Strength and flexibility combat pain and will help you live a life you love. We’d love to share your success story next!

Heather ConnTraining Client

  Sherman took the time to listen to me and my concerns and after a few weeks my achilles tendons were getting so much better that I was back on the tennis court. 

Kris EllingtonPT Client

  Sherman and his trainers took me through the next steps, past physical therapy to making a stronger, healthier person and one that intends to have an active lifestyle.

Dean InserraTraining Client

  A regular routine of exercise from someone who is going to walk with me, give me a plan, make me do it, all those things are things I really needed.  


How can we help?

Don’t waste another day or dollar on a gym membership you don’t use, an exercise routine you don’t follow consistently, or an aggressive workout that increases your risk of injury. Schedule your assessment today, and see how our training programs can improve your quality of life.

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