restore your body

We work to make you feel whole again

Sports recovery is not just for athletes, but any active individual. Our goal is to rebuild, restore, prevent, and heal. Since every body is different, we approach everyone’s recovery uniquely.


Progressively build strength


Increase function and wellness


Protect against injury


Recover from injury

Personalized Recovery

What Your Body Needs

Through personalized  and structured  programming, we keep your body moving and lead you back to health if you are recovering from injury or a hard workout. We love working with anyone dealing with muscle tightness, sports injuries, back pain, or even if you slept wrong and it’s been haunting you for months.

Flexibility/Stretch Therapy

Flexibility therapy can help restore a full range of movement and neuromuscular coordination to anyone, regardless of age and fitness level.  Flexibility is essential to moving efficiently, and factors that affect flexibility can present themselves at any point during our lives. We work to decrease movement restrictions in a flexibility session based on your flexibility needs.

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Infrared Sauna

Infrared heat provides all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any dangerous effects of solar radiation. Our full spectrum sauna includes the entire infrared spectrum: near infrared, mid-infrared, and far infrared for maximum benefits of sauna use. Infrared aids in muscle recovery, detoxification, and reduces pain, fatigue, and stress.

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Using compressed air to massage your legs or arms improves circulation and speeds healing and recovery, by mobilizing waste and enhancing lymphatic drainage. The sleeves inflate and relax in segments to mimic the body’s natural muscle pump and feels like a deep pressure, relaxing massage to your legs. We offer upper and lower extremity compression.


Inflammation is a natural component of exercise, training, and recovery. Cryotherapy can help prevent overuse injuries by reducing inflammation and speeding the healing process. The result: less inflammation, lower risk of muscle soreness and injury, and faster time to performance.



Recovery as Unique as You

We pride ourselves on being the best in sports and injury recovery in Tallahassee. We are Tallahassee’s restorative center for injury prevention and athletic performance no matter your age or activity level. We are here for you!

Move Freely

Flexibility Therapy

Flexibility is a major component of fitness that most people avoid or don’t think about. When we experience a restriction of range of motion secondary to muscle tightness, it limits our mobility and response capability, affecting balance and efficient physical movement.  A flexibility assessment is your first step in beginning flexibility and stretch sessions. It entails detailed postural and range of movement assessments and combines multiple hands-on stretching techniques combined with myofascial tools to better increase range of motion for the entire body. Sessions help mitigate injury and improve sports performance.