March 4, 2023

Are You Ready For Change?

Have you ever said to yourself “I want to make my life better?” Most, if not all of us have or will say it at some point. It may be that you want more time with your family; you may want to decrease your level of stress, or live healthier and lose weight. These are just a few things that are, or should be important to all of us as humans.

A great percentage of our nation has something that they would like to change about themselves to live a happier and longer life. Some will achieve their goal, but unfortunately many will not. Those that will not achieve their goal will face the fact that it’s easier to stay the way that they are, than it is to change; even though change will improve your life. Also, there is the fact that they fear the outcome, success or failure, not knowing if it will really work for them.

To achieve change you must see the value of your overall goal. Your desire to fit into a size 6 or decrease your chance of heart disease, or whatever your personal goal is, must be greater than the difficulties, costs, and changes you would have to make to realize your reward.

So how do you know if you are ready to make a change for the better? – Because there is a difference between wanting a change and making a change.

Stages of Readiness for Change:

First is Pre-contemplation. When one does not take responsibility for their actions and unhappiness, they put the blame on their job; lack of time, family or whatever else they feel is holding them back. Basically, this person denies that the problem is his or her own. If that is you, then you are not ready for change.

Second is Contemplation. One, who has accepted the responsibility of their problem and is thinking about change, still fears or doubts that doing things differently will work.

Third is Preparation. That is someone preparing to change by seeking solutions to their problem. If you are in this stage and your goal is weight loss, you may seek out information from fitness a professional and dietitian.

Next is Action. If you are here then you are ready to take the path of change. This is where you put your new solutions into play.

Once you have your actions down, the next stage and key is Maintenance. Here you will need to be consistent and sustain your behavior. Usually, it is not easy to do this alone so having a good support system (Spouse, Family, Friend, Personal Trainer, Dietitian, or Coach) can be very helpful.

Lastly, is the stage of Relapse. This is a stage you want to avoid, but it is very probable that you will fall into it. In this stage, you will slip into old habits, but the key here is stay motivated by remembering your true cause of action and keeping your support system close. No man or woman is an island and we as humans are not perfect. If your desire is strong and actions are taken, change will come.

Categories: Fitness, Fitness Tips


Categories: Fitness, Fitness Tips

by fandftally


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