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 Kerry Forest


Core 7 Performance (C7P)

This program will not only get your core in shape, it will also assist in shaping your body, giving it a more toned and lean look.

The premise is to get an individual to their highest level of fitness by giving them the ability to do what they want without having any undue stress or harm to the body. 

Core training is the foundation of all fitness training because the core is the foundation of movement. It’s a key factor in building an exercise program for anyone. The more strength and endurance your core has the more capable you are in progressing to a higher level of performance. The C7P program has 7 levels of progressive training: Foundation, Poise, Fortitude, Might, Rapidity, Clout, and Performance.  

  • Group Personal Training (up to 4 people in the group)

  • Incorporates all Elements of Fitness

  • 50 minutes of Full Body Core Training 

Core 7 Pilates Reformer

This is a well-rounded, effective fitness program that integrates classical Pilates mat principles with traditional Pilates reformer techniques. Core 7 Pilates fuses core training, flexibility training, strength and power training and cardiorespiratory exercises to encourage a total body workout experience within a secure motivating environment. The certified Core 7 Pilates instructors are also certified in personal training and flexibility therapy to provide optimal guidance and instruction during each total body fitness session.