Personal Training

It’s not necessarily easy to achieve the level of health and fitness most of us want. The journey of optimum wellness is an ongoing journey that can take a certain level of commitment and self-discipline.  The #1 challenge you may face in reaching your itness goal is accountability. 
It has been proven that you are 75% more likely to successfully reach your fitness goal by working with a trainer than going about it yourself. A big portion of that is accountability, having someone to guide you, meet with you, and keep you on a path of consistent action. 

 Our approach to your physical achievement incorporates all elements of fitness. We are not a gym, we are Fitness Professionals with a focus on getting our clients to their highest level of Functional Fitness allowing them to do what they want when they want. It is important to understand body weight is not the only determining factor of being physically fit. Our workout sessions incorporate core strengthening, balance, cardiovascular, flexibility, muscle endurance, and strength.  

Nutritional programs and Wellness Coaching can be incorporated into your training program.