Flexibility Therapy

Flexibility (a major component of fitness that most people avoid or don’t think about) is the ability to move a joint through its full range of motion without restriction by muscle tightness. When we experience a restriction of range of motion secondary to muscle tightness, it limits our mobility and response capability, affecting balance and efficient physical movement. 

A flexibility assessment is your first step in beginning flexibility sessions. It entails detailed postural and range of movement assessments to uncover flexibility imbalances between the left and right side, inherited flexibility and movement restrictions. This assessment is necessary to successfully improve ones flexibility, mitigate injury, and improve sports performance.

Flexibility sessions combine multiple hands-on stretching techniques combined with myofascial tools to better increase range of motion for the entire body.

Sessions may also address restrictions at the joint and in the muscles utilizing integrative mobilization techniques using banded movement, floss compression/voodoo bands and coaching movement faults. Assisted mobilization along with flexibility will help Unite movement  and motor control 

Sessions are 30min. or 60min.