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Grocery Store Tours

How can a grocery store tour help me?

To successfully obtain a fit and healthy body, you must give your body nutritious foods.  

Empower yourself as we journey through the aisles of our local grocer. Gain knowledge on choosing nutritious foods that keep your decision making at the store easy.

  • The tours are in Tallahassee, FL
  • Limited space available.  Only 6 people per tour.  
  • Tour fee is $15 with pre-registration and $20 with onsite registration
  • You will receive a packet with useful information including: how to *read labels and how to properly store foods.
  • You will leave the tour an empowered and informed shopper.

Even the best workout plans cannot yield the results you want if you do not have healthy food available for your body. This grocery store tour will take the guess work out of picking healthy foods from the grocery store and help you decode clever marketing, enabling you to make the best choice to help you reach your health related goals. Outsmart the manufacturers that purposely try to deceive us into choosing their product, even if it is not the best choice.

Contact us to set up a tour. 850-668-4383