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Tallahassee Massage


Tallahassee Massage Therapy Sessions 

Please call our office at 668-4383 to schedule

  • Relaxation (Swedish)                                        
  • Therapeutic Deep Tissue (Sports Massage)
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Licensed male or female therapist available
  • Seat Massages Available for parties and events

Session Rates

30 Minute Session: $40
60 Minute Session: $70
90 Minute Session: $100

Studio Clients: 30 Minute Session: $35 
                      60 Minute Session: $65
                      90 Minute Session: $90


Lic.# MM17561 

Hands on Flexibility Sessions 

This treatment is designed to decrease muscle tension by way of passive stretching and neuromuscular facilitation (muscle relaxation techniques). Flexibility sessions are great for improving joint range of motion and alleviating stress in low back and shoulders caused by muscles imbalances.

Inflexibility of muscles can lead to decreased reaction time (leading to falls), decreased joint range of motion, low back pain, hip pain, neck/shoulder pain, poor posture, injury, joint stress, and tendinitis. 

Sessions Rate: $40 per half hour